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Many homes are constructed atop pier and beam foundations. These are fantastic choices of foundation if you have a need to keep your home off the ground, particularly in places with lower altitude, high flood risk, or ground moisture issues. However, they come with their own, unique set of issues and those incur unique needs for repairs. For this reason, many foundation repair companies are unable to offer solutions in them. But at Alamo House Leveling of San Antonio, we can promise to cater to all your repair and restoration needs, for your piers and beams. So, the next time you notice any signs of an issue, you can depend on our support. Simply allow us to inspect the issue that you are facing, and we can tailor a viable solution, to rectify your property.

Beam Issues 

The beams featured in your foundations are an integral piece of the puzzle. They are tasked with spreading a significant amount of weight across the piers, meaning that the entire structure above depends on their security. So, when any slight issues can occur, it can quickly lead to things like sinking and shifting. However, this can easily be rectified by replacing the affected beams with a fresh cut of treated wood. Just leave our team to securely and precisely do just that and we can return the stability to your home once more.

Pier Issues 

On the other hand, if it is the piers that are causing an issue, we will need to treat them directly. Every single pier must be exactly even with the next if the structure is going to succeed. They must bear the same load, be positioned in the ground equally, and need to be constructed of the same strong concrete. So, if there are any that are letting the system down, our team will waste no time hesitating to replace them. We will quickly rebalance the structure, remove any failing piers, before fitting a newer, more durable one in their place.

Joist Issues 

Or, if it is the joists themselves that are causing you a problem, we will do just the same and treat them directly. These are usually much easier to replace as they do not bear as much of a structural burden individually. However, a poorly executed job will likely be reflected inside the home and so, we assume the same high levels of precision and care. Simply allow us to assess the specific of your issue and we will have no trouble identifying a suitable remedy.

Wood Rot Issues 

Even if you are yet to notice any structural failures, one of the most common issues with pier and beam foundation systems is wood rot. As moisture collects beneath your home and temperatures fluctuate, it can lead to mold and mildew thrive. In turn, these cause rotting within the material and that will eventually cause serious problems. So, if we do notice any signs of rotting in your pier and beam system, we will be sure to address them right away.

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