Residential Foundation Repair

Every home needs to have great foundations at its core. Without them, you could quickly find that serious structural issues occur to your property and that can leave you seriously exposed. Failing foundations are no small matter and if you ever find that there is an issue with yours, you must get it remedied as soon as you can. So, when you first notice the signs of a problem, you need to be reacting fast and seeking out the services of your leading local team of professionals. Fortunately for you, at Alamo House Leveling of San Antonio, we can offer you the highest caliber of residential foundation repair solutions for any kind of footings. Simply let us know what kinds of problems you are facing, and we will be there fast, with a tailored solution.

How to Know When to Repair Your Foundations 

However, if you do not know how to recognize the signs of damaged foundations, you could potentially be letting a severe defect go unnoticed. That is why you must make yourself aware of some of the most common indicators. Finding cracks in your interior or exterior walls is nearly always a sign of a defect, while uneven flooring, walls, or doorframes can be a guarantee. And, if there are obvious signs of physical damage, you know that you need to have your foundations repaired as soon as possible.

Slab Jacking Method 

One of the most effective ways to cure failing concrete foundations is to opt for the slab jacking method. Foundations usually fail due to weakened or shifting soil beneath them. When gaps appear, they are quickly filled by the movement of the footing. So, to remedy the issue, new concrete material must be injected into them. This will bolster the strength of the area and will once again lift out any sagging foundations until they are returned to their precise position. Simply leave it to our team and we will have no trouble calculating the exact slab jacking approach to take.

Piering Method 

On the other hand, if the terrain that your house is set on is not going to allow this, we will instead opt for the piering method. By planting new galvanized steel piers into the ground, we can better spread the weight of your foundations and lift them back into a secure position. This is an ideal method for any sinking homes with crawl spaces beneath them and can even work just as well for those with concrete footings.

Basement Repairs 

And just as much so, if your basement foundations are failing, we can apply the same two methods with the same efficacy. Basements have unique weaknesses which must be considered for the task to be successful, but you can bet that our team will be up to the task of finding a solution. Just be sure to let us know about the exact signs of damage that you notice so that we can make the best estimation for the repairs.

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