House Leveling

The number one thing that we all expect of our homes is that will stand the test of time. We expect them to be stable and strong for many decades, continuing to maintain themselves without any structural problems. However, not every property is able to guarantee this. Instead, many homes have been known to sink due to an issue in the terrain below them. They threaten a serious problem and the longer that it can go on, the more likely the chances of there being a severe structural failure. So, if you have noticed signs that your property is beginning to sink, you need to act fast and call us. At Alamo House Leveling of San Antonio, we can come fast and find the ways to get your home back to a stable condition.

What Causes Houses to Sink? 

Homes sink when there are issues in the terrain beneath them. While there are various specifics that can lead to such a process, the general culprits are poor quality soil and water. Perhaps sudden changes in temperatures have caused the soil to expand, poor drainage has led to imbalances in support, or simply the weak terrain has finally given out under the weight of the structure. These things incur some very worrying consequences. So, if you know that any of them are an issue for you, you need to address them fast.

Concrete Foundation Home Leveling 

Luckily, that is just what our team can be there to help you do through our elite range of home leveling solutions. Most commonly, our clients have concrete foundations installed as these are the most popular choice in the country, today. So, you can bet that our team is up to the task of leveling your concrete foundations, through our expert techniques. Our team can reinforce the existing concrete material with new concrete or even helical piles, both of which will bolster its support significantly. Then, if there are any issues with the terrain around, we will directly assess these and identify an appropriate remedy.

Crawl Space Home Leveling

On the other hand, if you have a home built on crawl space foundations, we will apply a differing pile installation method. We will reinforce your existing piers and beams with the same heavy-duty helical piles, using rods and braces to individually strengthen each sagging or weakened section. Then, again, we will address any problems with the terrain or drainage, making sure that the issue is not able to repeat itself.

Lasting Solutions 

For us, the most important thing is that we can provide you with a lasting solution. When you call us for help, we only ever want it to be once. So, we make sure that we directly target the reason for the problem in the first place and find a permanent fix for it. That way, we can guarantee you of avoiding any repeat occurrences and mitigate the chance of any costly repairs in the future.

an old house rests on steel girders as a new concrete basement and foundation is being created
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